D block Elements – Online Test

1. Identify the correct statement – Transition elements have –


2. The highest oxidation state of transition metal is –


3. Which oxide of manganese is most acidic in nature –


4. Which metal has the highest melting point –


5. Which of the following ions should have the highest magnetic moment –


6. Which manganese dioxide is fused with KOH in the air, it gives –


7. Zn and Hg do not show variable valency because –


8. Which of the following statements about the interstitial compounds is incorrect –


9. Which of the following compounds is used as the starting material for the preparation of potassium dichromate –


10. The catalytic activity of transition metals and their compounds is ascribed mainly to-


11. The mercury is only metal which is liquid at 0° C. This is due to its –


12. The catalytic activity of transition metals and their compounds is described mainly also to –


13. Which of the following processes does not involve oxidation state or iron?


14. Photographic films and plates have an essential ingredient of –


15. Sc (Z = 21) is transition element but Zn (Z=30) is not because –


16. Which of the following will not act as oxidizing agent?


17. Why is HCl not used to make the medium acidic in oxidation reactions of KMnO4 in acidic medium?


18. When acidified K2Cr2O7 solution is added to Sn2+ salts then Sn2+ changes to –


19. Which of the following ions exhibits color in aqueous solution –


20. Which one of the following is diamagnetic ion –


21. The metal commonly present in brass and german silver is –


22. “Hydride gap” is referred to which region of the periodic table ?


23. Which of the following sets correctly represents the increase in the paramagnetic property of the ion?


24. Which of the following statement is correct ?


25. Which of the following statement is correct when SO2 is passed through acidified K2Cr2O7 solution?


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