Uses of Lanthanides

Lanthanides are used as catalyst to speed up the chemical reactions. It is widely used in peteroleum or refining industry for conversion of crude oil into consumer products –gasoline, kerosene, heating oil etc.

They are strong reducing agents.

They are used in streetlights, searchlights, optical lenses.

Lanthanides oxide are used in ceramic industry to color the ceramics and glasses. For example – cerium oxide is used to polish the glass.

They are used as a flint in cigarette and gas lighters.They are used in colored television sets as phosphors.Phosphors are those chemicals which produce various colors when stuck by electrons. For example – yttrium and europium oxides are used to produce red color on television screen.

Lanthanides are also used as alloy which impart inertness, strength and hardness to the material. The alloy of  lanthanides compounds are composed of different amount of metals  – cerium and small amount of lanthanum, neodymium and praseodymium.

Auer metals is the one of the mixed lanthanide alloys called misch metals which has variety of metallurgical applications.

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